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What on Earth is Good Nature?!


Good Nature is a company born out of a love of music, parties and a sense of urgency (or should I say responsibility) to do something to remedy the growing climate crisis. We want to do this in the way we know best: by having a good time. We throw parties and sell sustainable merchandise to raise funds for restoring and rewilding areas of land in need. We’ll be putting a minimum of 5% of our profits towards these environmental ventures. Starting with planting trees and one day rewilding. All the while collaborating with local businesses and brands.


I’m pretty wild already, what’s the deal? 


Rewilding and considerate tree planting are two of the most important processes in the fight to restore our climate to some sort of normality. This gives degraded areas of land or sea – usually affected by industrial farming and/or an imbalance in animal populations – a new chance to return to their natural state. Restoring the land by allowing diverse wildlife, shrubbery and native tree species to recover. All of this leads to one of the most resourceful ways to suck carbon out of the atmosphere and give goodness back to the soil, air, rivers, oceans, mountains and all of their inhabitants, including us.  


​Is there anything wrong with planting trees? 

Well, no and yes. Unfortunately a lot of tree planting schemes are creating monocultures of individual, fast growing species to tick boxes for the government, create fuel for biomass and big business carbon offset schemes. We’re aiming to plant native tree species, with enough room for them to grow and establish themselves the same way they would in the forest. Planting single tree species, in high numbers, in straight lines is like planting a green desert for biodiversity.   

​So why party when you could just plant trees?

We want to make giving back to nature fun and accessible to everyone. So, as well as throwing fun parties and putting trees in the ground, we aim to be as informative as we can and educate people. The realities of the habitat destruction that has gone hand in hand with this country’s development so far is vastly overlooked. We’ll also provide ways we can all do a bit more to ‘wild’ our own homes and surroundings. Be it the right trees to plant in your back garden or info on the amazing charities you can support that are vital for the well being of our planet in these environmentally strenuous times.


Past government schemes like the Common Agricultural Policy, as well as a lack of information generally, has left most people clueless to how our natural systems actually work and how fragile they have become. We’re dealing with a global problem that requires deep change both physically and culturally.

Anything else?

As with any serious issue, the louder it gets the harder it becomes to cut through the noise. This is no high horse, but the message is serious, the parties are fun and in the end we can all wake up in the morning with a bit of a sore head but the reassurance that some of the money spent on the previous night is going towards helping you, us and everything else that lives on this marvellous planet :-)


We understand that this might seem barely a drop in the ocean and the hill in front of us all is looking more and more like a mountain everyday – but everyone can do a bit. It just so happens that this bit comes in the form of you dancing to great music, surrounded by even greater people.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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