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Grow On Then

Today we launch the Good Nature Tree Network! This will become the map for our environmental progress. For everything we do we’ll endeavour to responsibly plant as many trees as we can. We don’t yet own the land we plant on, we rely on the incredible people that want to join our cause and offer us their land to do it (get in touch if you want to be one of them). 


We’ll be looking to grow our footprint across the UK and beyond. We can only do this with your help. You can either buy the trees directly through our shop or buy some of our merchandise. We’ll also be throwing some parties next year so keep an eye out! The times ahead are exciting. We’re going to dance like never before! It’s going to be glorious!

Go to the Tree Network page to keep up with our progress :-)

21/12/20 by Sam Willmott

Carry Onwards

Well, it’s been a tough few months… We’re bobbing around wondering when the shimmering disco ball at the end of the tunnel will swallow us up and take control of our bodies again... 


Events… what even are they??? Those things where you’d share a cup with anyone around you, try on everyone's clothes, squash so tightly against the person next to you their sweat combines with yours, you weave through the crowd, the band is an arm's length away and all of a sudden you’re kissing a complete stranger! Oh, and you’re crying because the whole thing is just so flipping GREAT!


Oh the uncertainty, the doubt, the desire!! Let’s be optimistic though - they will return! In the meantime we’ve had some tote bags printed to keep things ticking over whilst we wait this out. They’re 100% recycled, fair wear and global recycling standard approved, plus a pound from each one goes to the Woodland trust to support their vital work in restoring and protecting UK forests. The rest goes towards getting the show back on the road as soon as we can. 


Trees and biodiversity are what make this world of ours go round and in the UK we only have 2% of original forests left and only 13% of the land is covered in trees.


Limited amounts so head over to the 'Shop' drop down and grab one. Premium quality and locally printed with plastic free ink. Thanks for the support :-) x


Logo by @eddingles

Screen printed by @23inkprinting

06/10/20 by Sam Willmott

A 'Not So' New Hope! 

Well, this got off to a slow start... It’s clearly going to be a while before we can dance together again. It’s sad, I’m sad, the whole thing is sad. People are still making incredible music and we’re constrained to the proximity of our homes to listen to it. We should be hugging someone random at a festival right now to the grooves of our favourite DJs. But instead we're all sat at home, in a park or for the real lucky ones: a beach - wondering if it's ok to shake hands... 

However, it’s not all bad news. We now have a complete excess of time to solve some of the industry problems that contributed to this situation in the first place. Plus, the even better news is that this ball was rolling well before coronavirus forced it's way into our lives. 

Take the boys at @tailandtwist and their second branch @ecodisco for example. They’ve been campaigning for single use plastic free nightlife in some of London’s top clubs since 2016. Their initiative even managed to convince @ovalspace to go completely single use plastic free. Big news from such a prestigious venue.


Then there’s @musicdeclares, a group set up to campaign for a greener future in the music industry and beyond. They “believe in the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future”. Music has always been a vital instrument to purvey important messages. Now it matters more than ever to “make our businesses ecologically sustainable and regenerative”.


Finally, (for this post anyway) there’s the brand new @ours.tosave, an interactive map which “displays crowdsourced, breaking climate news from all over the world”. So if you’re feeling down and sick of the repetitive sludge of coronavirus based news around at the moment, head over to and be amazed by the amount of regular people taking it upon themselves to help clean up this mess. 


Good Nature Party will happen as soon as it can and trees will get planted, people will be educated and fun will be had. But until then stay safe and keep enthusiastic about the future. It’s going to be great, so flipping GREAT! :-) 

All links below to find out more on the above :-

01/06/20 by Sam Willmott

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